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Curved to give an all over tan

Double Canopy Sunbeds

The ultimate home solarium

Double Canopy Sunbeds

Double lay down sunbeds are just perfect for when all you want to do when tanning is to lay down and relax, with no standing or turning around a double sunbed has to be the most relaxing way to get your all over tan in the comfort and safety of your own home.

double canopy 1
double canopy 2
double canopy 3

  • Fitted with 18 high powered tubes
  • 2 x 10 minute safety timers
  • Curved base foe additional comfort
  • Full instructions with all hires
  • Internal fans to ensure comfort
  • Individual reflectors increase tanning
  • Goggles provided free with all hire sunbeds
  • Assembled in most bedrooms

For sunbed home hire and rental in Birmingham please ring on 0121 222 9799 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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